180° Projects

Silver Creek High School 2010-11 Class

3434 Silver Creek Road, San Jose, CA 95121

Principal, Thelma Boac / Facilitator, Ruth McElvain




At Silver Creek High School, during the first semester of the 2009-10 school-year, 25 students enrolled in the 180 Degrees Program and 22 students remained active in the program at the end of the first semester.

GPA’s available for 23 of the students that remained in the program was 0.52 before the course. At the end of the first semester, their average GPA improved to 1.46, representing a 181% increase.

Full day absences records available for 22 students that remained in the program revealed a total of 25 absences the semester before the training compared to 0 during the first semester, representing a 100% decrease. Average daily attendance in the 180 classes was 89%.

Disciplinary incidents records were available for 22 of the students that remained in the program, revealing a total of 61 incidents the semester before the training compared to 34 during the first semester, representing a 44% decrease.

Personal Development Surveys rating the students’ progress (1-poor, 2 fair, 3 good, 4 excellent, 5 superior) were to be completed by the students, facilitator, teachers and parents, rating the students in the following areas from before to after the training: (1) Attitude, (2) Motivation, (3) Achieving Goals, (4) Organization Skills, (5) Self-Control, (6) Decision Making, (7) Communication Skills, (8) Teamwork, (9) Leadership Skills, (10) Citizenship.

Students rated themselves on an average of 3.05 before the training compared to 3.53 at the end of the first semester (+16%), the facilitator rated the students 2.14 before training compared to 3.0 at the end of the first semester (+41%), teachers rated the students 2.83 before the training to 2.18 at the end of the first semester (-23%) and parents rated the students 2.77 before the training to 3.05 at the end of the first semester (+10%).



Student Comments

The following excerpts were taken from written comments by Silver Creek students regarding the 180 Degrees Program:

“You have to be in control of your behavior and think of the choices you make.” Daniela

“180 degree program has helped me be more motivated and not so lazy.” John

“I’m now coming to all my classes and learned to do better in my work and not procrastinate.” Ashley

“This class helps me think about the things I do and gave me a resource to be away from home for a while. Every action has a consequence.” Miriam

“I now utilize my time more wisely, work harder, and I’m respectful.” Angelo

“I want to do better in life and now think things through.” Paul

“This class has been very helpful to me in many ways. It has helped me to raise my grades and not be so behind in my classes. The guest speakers have also helped by making me think about my actions. They talk to us and reach out to us to make sure we don’t follow into the wrong footsteps. All in all this class is really good and helpful to me.” Daniela

“This program helped me get better grades and it motivates me to try harder.” Krystal

“The things I’ve learned so far from the 180 degrees program is that you have to change in order to move on in life. To gain respect you must give it in order to receive it.” Elizabeth

“The things I have learned in the class have been many things like that we can achieve in this world if we try hard. The experiences that we’ve had have been wonderful. We have gotten close to each other like a big family. This class helps me focus on school and gets me motivated.” Vanessa

“I’ve learned and changed a lot. My grades kind of went up. My attitude toward my school work changed. I believe I could get my work done.” Leticia

“Since day one I knew this class was going to be good for me. It has opened my eyes in many ways. Now I know better. At first I did not think I could pass high school with the poor grades and everything I did to mess up my freshman year. Ms. Mason has helped me so much this year, especially with that 180 book. I believe I can do better. I have to do better. Everyone has noticed the change in me." Marissa

“I learned to control my anger, and make good decisions and much more. The thing I appreciate learning the most is making good decisions. I also got really close to my teacher and classmates. What helped me change is that we always discussed our problems, and Ms. Mason talked to us every day, so pretty much this experience was a good one.” Alyssa

“My experience in this class has been good for me because it’s helped me do better in school. My grades are getting better. Another thing about this class is that I can learn about different things that I never knew before.” Anissa

“My experience in this classroom has been good for me. I enjoy being in this class because it’s helpful. This class helps me catch up with my homework and other things. We also learn techniques to do better in school”. Miriam

“Your idea for the 180 degrees program is a great decision. The program helps me a lot. The 180 program has helped me a little bit on my grades. I have actually been going to my classes now.” Ashley

“In my opportunity class I learned to think before I act not only in school but in everyday life. My teacher was keeping an eye on my grades and I think that helped me stay on track and not fall behind as much as my freshman year.” Victor

“I learned to do my work so I could be something in life and that is not easy to change but I’ll keep on trying.” Emmanuel

“This class has helped me to do better. It’s a great class and lots of fun. I like the guest speakers that come. Our class has really gotten closer and we all raised our grades. Thank you for starting the 180 Degrees Program.” Aljandro

“This class has made me realize that I need to go good in school if I want to succeed in life.” Max

“The workbook helps me understand what to change and why I need to. My grades are up also.” David

“I’ve got the experience to have a great teacher and also experience a great program. I got to change my attitude towards school as well as to others. In all I really think that the 180 degrees program and you as a person (Mr. Renfrow) is great.” JC

“This class has helped me out in a lot of ways. I started turning my work in on time and started getting better grades. I started doing really good in school. I think this class has helped me out a lot.” Gurjinder

“This class has helped me very much. If I didn’t get transferred into this class I would have gone crazy because I was failing. This class has helped me to take things more seriously and to try harder in each and every one of my classes. I also like that we get grade checks to see how we are doing in other classes and Ms. Mason talks to us of what we are going to do to get our grades up.” Alex

“This class has really helped out a lot. My grades are doing kind of better. I don’t have as many F’s as I did last year. I really like my class mates although they can talk too long, they are still cool.” Justin

“I’ve gotten a better grade point average because of this class. I also learned some life lessons. I’m doing community service over at Dove Hill which will help me in the long run when I get a job. I think this class will help me out further down in my school education.” Paul