180 Electronic Database

As part of program design, the 180 Degrees Program invested significant resources in developing an Internet based data collection system.  This program feature is one of many design elements setting the 180 Degrees Program apart from other life-skills education programming. Organizations may opt to purchase access to the 180 Degrees Program data collection system. Details about this option may be found here.

The software is comprised of a database designed to store data objects and their associated data elements necessary for remembering (recording) demographic, scholastic performance and personal development information of high school and junior high school students enrolled in the 180 Degrees Program. The software includes a relational database management component which allows users to store, modify and extract information from the database for the purpose of determining changes in the scholastic and personal characteristics which occur as a result of enrollment in the 180 Degrees Program. The software and all components were created using Microsoft Access 2003. All components of the software reside within a Microsoft Access environment.

The 180 Degrees Program Electronic Database collects and compares data pertaining to the following student performance categories before and after training:

  • Student demographics
  • GPA’s
  • Core grades (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language)
  • Absences
  • Disciplinary incidents
  • Daily attendance in 180 classes
  • Life Skills Development Surveys ( student, facilitator, teachers, parents)
  • Facilitator rating of daily classes
  • Time allocated to each chapter in the 180 Student Handbook