About 180°

Mission Statement

Our mission is to passionately help youth improve their lives by accepting personal accountability and to continuously strive toward the goal of achieving their full potential, “one degree” at a time.  In fulfilling our mission, we utilize comprehensive research based and measureable methods.  The 180 Degrees Program curriculum is designed to be an intense instructional, participatory and interactive character and life skills education program based upon 180’s “Core Values.” We  always deliver our programs and services in the most professional, innovative and highly effective manner.

Core Values

The following Core Values and Beliefs of “180” are incorporated throughout the text of the Curriculum Manual and operating functions of the program:

  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Citizenship
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Personal Accountability and Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Purposeful Action


Philosophy Statement

All individuals have the ability to lead highly productive and fulfilling lives. This fundamental belief lies at the core of our company. Each person has the potential to live a life that is driven by purpose, personal accountability and the confidence that he or she possesses the skills and talents to be successful. We believe that success is not a linear, uniform process; it is an individual, complex journey that leads people down diverse paths. Success for each of us mirrors that journey: it too is complex and diverse.

However, we believe there are five core competenciessuccess framing all successful journeys. These five competencies encapsulate the core of our company:

  • 1. Self-Management
  • 2. Self-Awareness
  • 3. Relationship Skills
  • 4. Responsible Decision Making
  • 5. Social Awareness

Our company operates within the context of these five competencies and will base all products, including the 180 Degree Program, on them as well. We believe that a truly successful individual is one who is grounded in the five competencies listed above, and one who possesses the new skills and talents demanded by the dynamics of our changing world. Our 180 Degree Program, a life-changing journey that assists youth in establishing and achieving goals and challenges them to reflect critically on their own behaviors, actions, and decisions, is the vehicle with which we can embed skills of each of the competencies within participants. Through this program, we seek to expand our company’s philosophy to youth around the globe in order to prepare them to be truly successful in today’s 21st century world.