180° Projects

E. C. Reems Academy

8425 MacArthur Boulevard  Oakland, CA 94605
Principal, Lisa Blair / Facilitators, Zarlasht Saporito, Myra Vallianos, Takesha Polk, Talibah Shakir, Sabrina Johnson

We have a patio garden at EC Reems, the plants that are harvested are given to students, family, community, teachers or whomever is in need of food. Our garden was not being properly taken care of, so our combined 8th grade class decided to take this on as a project. The students were very receptive, we planned everything as a group. We are 90% finish with our project. and our garden now looks AMAZING!!! Thank you 180 for your support. This gardening project was a combined effort of Shakir's and Ilochi's 8th grade class.

Click here to view a pdf about the 180 Degrees Class Fieldtrip. The students learned about a Brazilian art that combines dance and fighting. From this they understand that how one thinks about anything; will determine the difficulty of the task.