180° Projects

Claremont Middle School

5750 College Avenue  Oakland, CA 94618
Principal, Benjamin Schmookler / Facilitators, Percy Foster

This Poem is from the students in Leticia Saxton's 180 Class

Claremont Middle School Presents our View of the 180 Degree!

180 Degree teaches me Life Drills, so
when I'm an Adult I can Manage my Bills.

180 Degrees Taught me what to Know,
and the more I learn the more I Grow.

180 Degree tells me "Utilize my Skills",
cause Life's no Game and the World is Real.

From 180 degrees I've learned a lot,
like Education is First and the Streets are not.

180 degree helps me to See,
I can Be anything I want to Be.

180 degree is not a Gimic,
they instilled in me the Sky's the Limit!

180 degree is Growing within
if I was you I'de tell a Friend!

180 degree Changes "One life at a time"
by letting you Express what's on your Mind.

180 Facilitators tell us "Do your Best"
and to Live, Love, Learn and Respect Yourself!