Young Adult "Set Your Course Program" Curriculum

The Set Your Course Program combines the proven social-emotional learning curriculum of the 180° Program with enhanced life skill coursework for young adults. The Set Your Course curriculum is beneficial to any adult learner wishing to enhance their lives and become more effective and successful in life.

Whether you are working to complete yourhigh school equivalency or deciding what career choice is best for you, the information, exercises, and group activities found in the Set Your Course curriculum will provide you with fresh insights, structure, and personal accountability to set your life course and achieve your goals.

Set Your Course is a 21st century life skill program that will prepare you for success in postsecondary education, career, and life. The curriculum is research based and founded upon social-emotional learning principles combined with 21st century skills.

The 21st century skills found in the Set Your Course Program will provide you with a learning experience that will allow you to successfully compete in 21st century careers: skills like creative problem-solving, leadership, innovation, collaboration, the ability to communicate in writing and orally, and the ability to work as part of a team.

Integrating 21st century skills, the curriculum targets personal development in five key areas:

1. Developing Character Education
2. Identifying Healthy & Productive Values
3. Practicing 21st Century Skills
4. Demonstrating Positive Life Skills
5. Engaging in Community & Civic Outreach

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“Having this class was the best experience I’ve ever had in my school days. Being in this class got me to learn about myself, that I’m actually worth something, that if I really pushed myself to do better that I can do what I truly want to do.” – Malia