Level III Advanced High School Curriculum

The Level III high school student handbook is designed to provide high school age students with advanced skill building and learning in their social-emotional development. This curriculum provides advanced discussion and learning topics focusing upon character, life skills and personal enrichment education. As emerging young adults, high school students face many important decisions to make about their future. Students will be deciding about whether to attend college or perhaps a vocational school or, to enter the work force full time. The advanced high school curriculum supports students in making informed choices as they learn to effectively and successfully manage their lives.

As with other 180 Degrees Program curriculum, the Level III curriculum has students working collaboratively with others to clarify personal values, beliefs, actions, and how to make a difference in their local community. Students develop higher competency in critical thinking, self-reflection, learning, and civic engagement. The course is conducted a minimum of 3 hours a week for the length of a school semester (54 hours) or may be extended to an entire school year. The curriculum includes the following program components:

  • Studying and Learning
  • Values for a Lifetime
  • Stages of Life Development
  • Academic Success
  • Personal Finance
  • Career Focus
  • Diversity
  • Citizenship
  • Philanthropy
  • Service Learning

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“Before this class I was struggling tremendously in and outside of school. I felt like I was on my way to nothing in life and I didn’t picture myself graduating high school.” “During this class I have figured myself out. Now I know what I want to do in life. Honestly, this class saved my high school experience and now I am determined to graduate high school and go to college.”— Arturo