LEV1 Level 1 Handbook (Middle/High School) $50.00 No Variations
LEV2 Level 2 Handbook (High School) $50.00 No Variations
LEV3 Level 3 Handbook (Advanced High School) $50.00 No Variations
SYCYA Set Your Course Young Adult Handbook $50.00 No Variations
GIMAAM Growing Into Manhood African-American Male $50.00 No Variations
56GTG 5th & 6th Grade Teachers Guide $50.00 No Variations
5THGH 5th Grade Handbook $50.00 No Variations
6THGH 6th Grade Handbook $50.00 No Variations
34GTG 3rd & 4th Grade Teachers Guide $50.00 No Variations
34GH 3rd & 4th Grade Handbook $50.00 No Variations
FBH Faith Based (Christian) Handbook $50.00 No Variations
FTC Facilitator Training & Certification

Actual costs
• Requires minimum of 10 facilitators.
• Certification assumes 1 semester contract.
• ‘Actual costs’ means: Transportation, Meals & Lodging, and Training Materials

Let us know if you are interested and we will contact you directly about this option.

$0.00 No Variations

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