The 180º Program kids in the Bay Area got to attend the Warriors Game..  + read more


The 180º Program is a newly developed educational framework designed to be integrated into the academic school setting targeting middle school and high school age youth.  + read more

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook in English and Spanish versions focuses on character, life skills and personal enrichment education, utilizing recognized 21st Century Learning Skills in conjunction with digital age and knowledge economy.  + read more


The 180 Degrees Program surveys measure 10 key Personal Development outcomes of each student before and after the training.  + read more

VideoThrough a powerful curriculum, the 180º Program provides the opportunity and educational framework for middle school and high school youth to fully develop their internal compass so they can develop healthy goals based upon a foundation of strong personal values, reflective and critical thinking skills, and social awareness and responsibility.

The world that middle school and high school youth will inherit in the 21st century is filled with opportunity and hope. It is a world of global economies, rich diversity and ethnicity, advanced technological achievement, and rewarding career opportunities. The world also presents significant challenges and new issues that today’s youth will confront as adults. The American society of the 21st century will require youth to achieve specialized credentials and skills to be most successful in life. Specifically, youth will be required to successfully obtain post secondary education degrees or other specialized credentials to qualify for a secure family wage career in the 21st century global workplace and economy. The importance of successfully completing a quality K-12 educational experience is higher today than at any other time so that youth can go on to complete additional specialized education.

In addition to high academic standards, youth will also require full development of character and life skills to more effectively navigate as highly productive and fulfilled individuals in our communities. And to ensure that youth stay the course while in school, opportunities for character and social emotional learning is essential in addition to high academic standards.

“This program helped me get better grades and it motivates me to try harder.” Krystal

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Delta 180: Changing Lives in the Mississippi Delta tells the still evolving story of despair turned to hope, about children at-risk in Greenville, Mississippi, and about their journey towards a hopeful future made through an innovative, grass-roots mentoring program that is "changing lives, one degree at a time." The film includes an original song composed and written by Greenville native Eden Brent, and performed by Brent and the Greenville Weston High "Voices of Liberation" Choir. The film demonstrates the effectiveness of the 180 Degrees Program.

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